Pleasing Peach

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Size: Triple Pack
A satisfying piece of wood that sits in your mouth like a blade of grass with a peach and passionfruit flavor that makes your gum look prehistoric.
  • vegan, gluten free, sugar free
  • flexible payments with paypal & klarna
  • designed in Germany

Birch Toothpick, peach-passionfruit aroma (propylene glycol E1520, natural flavoring), glycerine (E422), Sweetener (tablet sweetener based on steviol glycosides E960)


UK: 2-3 days
Europe: 3-5 days
US: 5-7 days

Size: Triple Pack
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More about this wood

"Is pick’em responsible for any broken hearts when going all in on Pleasing Peach? Absolutely not!"

But(t) why Peach?

Get sassy with pick'em's Pleasing Peach toothpicks - a delicious blend of 10% sweetness and 10% luscious flavor, with an 80% twist. Think of it as a juicy peach with a touch of razzle-dazzle, perfect for those who love to add a touch of playfulness to their everyday routine.

Disclaimer: using this flavor may result in excessive smiling, pleasant breath, and the urge to put these 2 inches of wood in your friend’s mouth.

You are in the best of hands


Is it normal that the toothpicks arrived in a slightly wet film?

Yes, it's normal that our toothpicks can arrive in a slightly wet film. Don't worry, that's just the wood soaking up all the delicious aromas. 😜

How long will the flavor last?

The longevity of our toothpick flavor varies based on individual usage. For the hardcore wood suckers the satisfying burst of flavor may only last 5-10 mins. However, if you are more of the relaxed type the flavor will last between 10-20 mins. Regardless of your preference, we're confident that our toothpicks will provide a delicious and satisfying experience every time.

Where can I find the exact ingredients of pick’em flavored toothpicks?

Our toothpicks are crafted from the finest birch wood and infused with glycerin, stevia, and carefully curated aroma. The secret to their perfection remains a mystery though.

Are our flavored toothpicks available on Amazon?

Stay tuned. They will be soon.

How long does it take to receive my order?

UK: 2-3 days
Europe: 3-5 days
US: 5-7 days

How do you indulge in our flavor infused toothpicks the right way?

My great friend don't tell me you wanted to use these sacred wooden sticks to pick the food and plaque out of your mouth. Good news is I'm here to help! Our nice, succulent flavor is infused into the pick for you to suck on for the ultimate flavor experience. Is the flavor starting to fade? Don't worry! Give the pick a light bite to help wake up the flavor and pick and choose your way back to toothpick heaven.